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Yinhai leased the scenic spot "double festival" period received 327 tourists.50,000 people

2023-10-23 Publisher: Administrator Views: 48

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                                                               During the "Double Festival" period, Qianjiang Zhuoshui Scenic spot received tourists 26.10,000 people

With the autumn color gradually thickening, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day holiday came to an end, up to 8 days of holiday, the city's scenic spots are hot, popular, tourism heat in the forefront of the country, some indicators in the country's top three。According to the cultural tourism market data released by the Municipal Cultural Tourism Commission during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday, the number of overnight tourists in our city was 231.820,000 people, 130 closed tourist attractions received a total of 854 tourists.90,000 people。

Among them, the scenic spots that completed the upgrading and renovation supported by the company's financial leasing received 327 tourists this National Day.50,000 people, close to half of the total number of tourists received by Chongqing tourist attractions。Qianjiang Zhuoshui Scenic spot receives tourists 26.10,000 people, Nanchuan Jinfo Mountain received 11 tourists.90,000 people, Pengshui Chiyou nine Li City scenic spot received 15 tourists.60,000 people, Youyang Taohuayuan scenic spot received 100,000 tourists。In the first three quarters of this year, the total number of tourists in major scenic spots also reached 24.62 million, helping Chongqing's cultural tourism industry to open a new chapter。

The cultural tourism industry is gradually picking up, and the next decade will be an important period for the cultural tourism industry to turn to renewal and reform and prosperity。In the next step, Yinhai Leasing will continue to focus on strategic deployment such as rural revitalization, serve more cultural tourism projects, jointly explore the road of digital transformation of the cultural tourism industry, help more excellent cultural tourism resources onto the road of sustainable development, truly make the good cultural tourism within reach, and help Chongqing Cultural Tourism "win in the future".。