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Yinhai Leasing successfully issued its first private corporate bond

2023-08-23 Published by: Administrator Views: 142

On August 22, Yinhai Leasing successfully issued the "2023 non-public Corporate Bond for professional investors", raising 500 million yuan, with a term of 3+2 years and a weighted interest rate of 3.86%。

The bond issuance cost hit the lowest interest rate of the same type of corporate bonds in the central and western regions in the past five years,Achieved the perfect debut of Yinhai Leasing in the corporate bond market!The successful issuance of this bond,It not only reduces the company's financing costs, but also expands financing channels,It has also further enhanced the company's visibility and reputation in the capital market,Enhance the company's market influence and competitiveness,Lay a solid foundation for achieving the company's high-quality development and breaking through the scale target of 10 billion。

In the next step, the company will continue to deepen cooperation with financial institutions, broaden financing channels, follow the "3114" development idea, practice the purpose of financial services for the real economy, better serve the group's strategy, and develop into a leading financial leasing enterprise in Chongqing, leading in the west and first-class in China。