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Zhang Zhijuan, deputy secretary of the Communist Party Committee of Chongqing Area of Ping An Group, visited Yinhai Leasing

2023-07-20 Publisher: Administrator Views: 134


7月17日,Zhang Zhijuan, deputy secretary of the Administrative Party Committee of Ping An Group in Chongqing, visited Yinhai Leasing with the relevant person in charge of the Chongqing Branch of Ping An Pension Insurance and the investment banking division of Ping An Securities,Party branch secretary, chairman Pang Xianwei,Vice General Manager Xia Xiulan, Wang Fei and the Finance Department, Human resources Management Department attended the symposium。

At the meeting, Pang Xianwei expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of Zhang Zhijuan and his party。The two sides exchanged views on enterprise development, past cooperation and future cooperation ideas。

Both parties indicated that this interview has opened the prelude to the comprehensive cooperation between Ping An Group and Yinhai Leasing. In the following work, both parties will give full play to their respective advantages, continue to expand and deepen the cooperation in various fields such as pension insurance business, investment and financing business and health service, so as to achieve mutual benefit and common development。