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Yinhai Leasing's "financial leasing of operational seedling assets" was selected as the city's financial innovation demonstration product

2023-07-13 Publisher: Administrator Views: 130


2023 Chongqing Financial innovation product conference was held on July 11, Yinhai Leasing "operational seedling assets financial leasing" was successfully selected as the city's financial innovation demonstration products, the company's general manager Zou Wei participated in the conference on behalf of the company, vice general manager Yan Junwei on the site of the company's products were released。

In the process of serving rural revitalization, the company keenly caught the problem of financing difficulties of Nanchuan Ruikai Agriculture and Chongqing Qinghou Agriculture through traditional methods, and customized the development of "financial leasing of operational seedling assets" products。The subject matter of this product is the large-scale cultivation of blueberry seedlings and its watering system and other ancillary facilities,The funds are used for the operation improvement, reconstruction and expansion of the enterprise,Funds of 150 million yuan and 80 million yuan were provided respectively,Benefiting more than 2,000 local farmers in Nanchuan,More than 1,000 people worked for us,Per capita income increased by more than 3,000 yuan。The company has been committed to serving rural revitalization and promoting characteristic agriculture, investing more than 3 billion yuan in leasing funds to this field and implementing nearly 50 projects。


This conference is hosted by Chongqing Local Financial Supervision Bureau,It aims to promote the deep integration of financial and real economy development,From more than 140 innovative financial products and services in the city,Through "product promotion + expert rating" and other ways,Selected "10+4" financial innovation demonstration products,The company is the only financial leasing enterprise selected for demonstration products。In addition, the company's "specialized new small Giant Enterprise financial leasing" products are also included in the "Chongqing Financial Innovation Product Manual (2023)".。