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Hu Jiquan, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Yufu Holding Group, investigated Yinhai Leasing

2021-11-19 Publisher: Administrator Views: 783

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On November 17, Hu Jiquan, Party secretary and chairman of Yufu Holding Group, Liu Jiangqiao, general manager, Xiang Yuanchun, chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Hu Chun, Chief Financial officer, Wang Wanhong, Deputy Party Secretary and Yang Yusong, deputy general manager, investigated Yinhai Leasing。Group office, strategy Department, Capital and Finance Department, risk control Department, audit Department, Human Resources Department, Party and Mass Department, supervisors Office and other responsible persons accompanied the investigation。Company leaders Pang Xianwei, Zou Wei, Mou Xin, Lin Peisen, Xia Xiulan, Wang Fei and relevant department heads participated in the research。

Yinhai Leasing reported the completion progress of the company's target tasks in 2021, mixed reform, Party history learning and education, Party building and clean government construction, team building and next step work ideas。Xiang Yuanchun, chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Group, put forward suggestions on expanding the supervisory function of the supervisory board and exploring a prudential and inclusive supervision mechanism。Liu Jiangqiao, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of the Group, deployed the efforts to complete the annual target tasks, first-class standards, mixed reform, internal coordination, project concentration requirements and 2022 budget arrangements。

会上,Hu Jiquan fully affirmed the achievements made by Yinhai Leasing in many aspects such as party building, reform and development and industry influence,And to further enhance the vitality of the unified regulation,To serve the high-quality development of the real economy,To create a demonstration of the group's high-quality development, a pioneer of reform, and a benchmark for party building。First, it is necessary to focus on the strategy of the municipal committee and the municipal government,Give full play to their own industry advantages,Serve the development of the real economy;The second is to unswervingly promote the company's war mixed reform,Introduce quality shareholders,Empower the company's development;Third, we need to further strengthen risk prevention,Voluntarily accept supervision,Continuously improve asset management and disposal capabilities,Maintain and increase the value of state-owned assets;Fourth, we must actively benchmark the first class,We will improve the restraint and incentive mechanism,Further enhance the company's modern governance system and governance capacity。